At Fladbury we currently have 4 classes - Oak, Ash, Elm and Maple which caters for our Pre School up to Year 4.

  • Oak - Year 3/4
  • Ash - Year 1/2
  • Elm - Year R/1
  • Maple - Pre School


We have excellent facilities and first quality IT with plenty of space for outdoor activities including Forest School. 

Each class contains children of varying ages and stages and each child is taught by matching work to their own unique needs.  The classes are supported by  experienced teaching assistants as well as a number of volunteers who come in on a regular basis to hear reading, which means that children have every opportunity to reach their potential. 


Class teachers are always happy to meet with parents to talk about their children and there are regular parents' evenings when individual progress can be discussed.


See also: Class Specific Cirriculum



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